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Profoscope Rebar Locator Hire


For Profoscope Rebar Locator hire and rental on a weekly or monthly basis, please give us a ring on 01905 621666 to discuss further.

Proceq Profoscope Rebar Locator Hire

The Profoscope cover meter is used for locating bars, measuring the concrete cover and the bar diameter.

The Profoscope Rebar Locator uses electromagnetic pulse induction technology to detect rebars. Coils in the probe are periodically charged by current pulses and thus generate a magnetic field. On the surface of any electrically conductive material which is in the magnetic field eddy currents are produced. They induce a magnetic field in opposite direction. The resulting change in voltage can be utilized for the measurement.

Available as the new Plus model, the Profoscope + Rebar Locator has the benefit of datalogging the results for download to a PC.

The Profoscope Cover Meter uses different coil arrangements to generate several magnetic fields. Advanced signal processing allows:

• localization of a rebar
• localization of the mid-point between rebars
• determination of the cover
• estimation of the bar diameter
• determination of the orientation of a rebar

The Profoscope Cover Meter is designed to permit single handed operation.
All functions can be programmed/activated using the two function keys and the navigation.
The instrument is compact, light and robust suitable for use on a construction site.

Unfavorable lightning conditions may be found for instance in parking decks. Equipped with the optional illumination, the display can be examined much easier even under such adverse conditions.

Available for hire and rental on a weekly or monthly basis, please give us a ring on 01905 621666 to discuss further.


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